Poverty & Income Disparity

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What is the relationship between poverty and mental health challenges?

The video below can be found on YouTube. In this half-hour episode of Mental Health Matters, Donita Diamata, the creator of the Money Basics curriculum, appears as a guest to discuss the topic of poverty and how it relates to mental health challenges.


Printable Materials

Can Savings Overcome Income Instability?
Adobe Acrobat Document 166.4 KB
Dismantling the Poverty Trap
Adobe Acrobat Document 173.2 KB
An Examination of Poverty by Gender, Ethnicity/Race, Age, and Marital Status
Adobe Acrobat Document 383.6 KB
A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Adobe Acrobat Document 360.5 KB
Glossary of Poverty Terms
Glossary of Poverty Terms.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 174.1 KB
Mental Health: Poverty, Ethnicity and Family Breakdown
Adobe Acrobat Document 268.3 KB
Poverty and Americans with Disabilities
Adobe Acrobat Document 755.0 KB
Poverty Fact Sheet: Implications for Infants and Toddlers
Adobe Acrobat Document 167.2 KB
Poverty Fact Sheet - March 2018
Adobe Acrobat Document 828.7 KB
Poverty Fact Sheet: Poor and in Poor Health
Poverty Fact Sheet Poor and In Poor Heal
Adobe Acrobat Document 544.0 KB
Poverty, Material Hardship, and Mental Health
Adobe Acrobat Document 108.9 KB
Unaffordable America: Poverty, Housing, and Eviction
Adobe Acrobat Document 698.5 KB
Unemployment and Poverty
Adobe Acrobat Document 55.6 KB
Facts on Hunger and Poverty in the US
Adobe Acrobat Document 184.8 KB

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